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New Meetings And information

Dear Friends and Members.

For a few weeks now we have been preparing to slowly return to  holding meetings once again our Church building. Our return will not happen overnight. 

After some thought Pastor Neil wishes to start an evening meeting in the Church . As you know we cannot have the ‘old style  home group at the moment due to the Covid pandemic . We are allowed to hold meetings in the Church however and we have already started a Monday fellowship meeting and the Thursday prayer meeting in the minor hall..

The new meetings will commence  on Tuesday October the 13th at 7.30 in the minor hall and thereafter..the meetings will last for about 1 and a quarter hours and consist of bible teaching . Neil has prepared 4 subjects to take us to the end of the year .
As is the case in the other meetings we must adhere to the regulations . Entrance will be through the main entrance,masks to be worn and hand sanitising ,all provided for . we exit through the minor hall door and be social distancing aware .
Although this sounds very ‘official’ we have had really meaningful fellowship at the current meetings and look forward to this being just as spiritually fulfilling both with fellowship and God’s word. 

On entering the Church, we would ask you to visit the sanitising area and use the gel provided and wear a mask. If you do not want to use the gel, then go to the wash room and wash your hands or ask for gloves. Masks, gel and gloves are on hand in the Church. Please do not sit on any seat which has a plastic disc on it as that disc is to help with distancing.

After each meeting surface areas touched by hands will have to be cleaned by volunteers.  We realise that all of this might seem difficult, but part of our care for one another is doing everything we can to minimise any health risk at this time. We are following the guidelines given by the government and our Head Quarters. The nation may improve regarding Covid19 and we might have greater flexibility in the future but on the other hand the winter may see Covid19 rise again and Churches forced to close again. Whatever happens let us work together for the good of all.

Together we thank God for all the good that has been done through having our services online. Thanks goes to Liam, Helen and all who have taken part over the many months putting the programme together.

Yours Pastor Neil on behalf of the Church Leadership.


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John 11:25

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"Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live."

John 11:25

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