To help you grow in your new life in Jesus


Help For New believers in Christ

As a new believer in Christ, no doubt, you are seeking to find your way in your new life and in Church life also. The day that we asked Christ into our lives, a number of things spiritually happened to us. You may not realise what happened to you spiritually and you may not even have feelings that expressed these truths. To understand what spiritually happened we have to go to the Word of God, the Bible.

For New Believers 101 Series

Something wonderful has happened in your life, you have given your heart and life to the Lord Jesus. In this first paper, you will study to gain some clear information from God’s Word as to what has taken place in your personal commitment to follow Christ. .

Our God

Many people that I have met have a wrong picture of God and this has caused people to stay away from faith in God. The Bible helps us to understand who God is and how we can have a personal relationship with Him through the Lord Jesus.