So who are we?

Version-for-webIf you ask people what they think of when they hear the word church you get various responses. But actually the word church when used in the Bible comes from the Greek word ‘ecclesia’, which means ‘a called out company or assembly’.

Wherever it is used in the Bible it refers to people. This is why we as a Church, at Riverway Christian fellowship see ourselves as being much more than the building in which we meet, or the denomination to which we belong. First and foremost we see ourselves as being defined by its people. A common description used by visitors is that we are a friendly and loving fellowship of believers, and this would prove to be a good starting point in introducing ourselves to you. Riverway Christian Fellowship is a family of friendly, loving people. This flows from being a people who have  experienced the Lord Jesus as personal Saviour, friend and have been impacted by His Love . We believe that through the encounter  of new birth we have become a spiritual family, a spiritual house of ‘living Stones’  set in the midst of the town of West Kirby on the beautiful Wirral peninsula. Our heart is for exalting the Lord Jesus and worship is always high on our agenda.

We belong to the Elim Pentecostal movement, a growing Movement of more than 550 Christian congregations in the UK and Ireland. Elim celebrates its 100th year in 2015 and we are most grateful for the help and support that they have and continue to give us.

What’s in a name?

In short identity. The name Riverway expresses who we see ourselves as being. We are a fellowship of believers who love to seek and encounter  the life giving flow of the River of God. In seeking to live in the ‘ways’ or influence of this life giving River we adopted the name Riverway, conveying that we are those who live by the ‘way’ of the ‘River’

Where are we?

We are to be found on Grange Road in the town of West Kirby, (see map below) We meet on Sunday mornings at 10.30am in our Church building. During the week we have prayer meetings in the Church building. On Tuesday evenings we have a house group and fellowship in member’s houses, (details announced every Sunday morning).

Where are we going?

As a Church in West Kirby, the overflow of our relationship with the Lord Jesus is a deep heartfelt desire to reach out to our local community. We have a long-standing vision for our side of the Wirral, North Wales and for international missions. Our vision incorporates promoting Father Heart Teaching in the lives of His children, the prophetic and healing gifting, mission, prayer and Worship.

ph_nr From the Pastor’s pen…

I have been the Pastor of our Church since 1990 and I have been a Church Minister since 1972 and yes that means that I am no longer a young man! I came to know the Lord Jesus as my personal saviour as a young man and was given by the Lord a vision for revival. I have kept the flame of that vision alive though out my life. In the past nine years or so my wife Ruth and I have been reaching tens of thousands of people for the Lord as part of the vision of the West Kirby Riverway church. We are blessed to see thousands come to Christ on the mission field and even plant new Churches, so yes, older in body but not so in spirit, as the vision keeps me young at heart.

The vision of the Church is not only for missions work abroad but to be a Farther heart Church where people will feel safe enough to develop their talents and gifts in the Holy Spirit. I strongly believe that today’s Church has lost the love and vision of the Acts Church which was apostolic and this means that we have become weak in our stand for the Lord Jesus. For us to become both strong and apostolic we must have a foundation of agape (love) of God. Many have a wrong picture of God in the world today therefore as part of our vision we seek to teach and live out what the Bible says about the love nature of the Heavenly Fathers heart.

We encourage the life of the Spirit of God and a freedom to exercise the gifts of the Spirit. Apostolic churches in the New Testament exercised the gifts through body ministry and this is done in our united worship times in the services. As Gods presence comes amongst us in our worship time often gifts are used.


One of the things that excites my heart is the Sunday morning time of worship: it is to me a source of great blessing. We have a vision and a heart to worship not according to our western culture but out of God’s revelation about worship as He taught in the Bible how He likes to be worshiped.

We are people of the Bible and as such we hold a house group meeting every week. We cover many subjects that strengthen our Christian faith as well as have a time of worship and prayer followed  by tea, coffee and fellowship.

We believe that it is very important for all believers in our church to have a strong devotional life with the Lord and not to rely  only upon Church services to spiritually feed them. To know Gods heart and walk with Him is important, so we encourage a strong devotional life and to have a journal to write down what they believe God is saying to them.

For the past 23years we have been praying weekly for a move of God for both sides of the Dee, North Wales and Anglesey at Riverway Church as we believe in a coming revival.

If you have a heart for God in tune with such a vision and are looking for such a Church why not give us a visit in West Kirby, you are welcome any time

For more information about our Church please give me a ring on 0151 605 1872 between 9am and 6pm.

What do people say?

The easiest way to discover the character of a Church Fellowship is to ask those who attend. Here are just a few descriptions of Riverway Christian Fellowship. 

Dave says: We are a family of believers who love and serve Jesus and have a vision of revealing Him to our town of West Kirby.

Tricia says: What I love about Riverway is the lovely friendly atmosphere, the buoyant worship and the focus on the tender, loving, heart of Father God. It encourages me to live close to Him.

Helen says: A warm and friendly family church. Very welcoming, with joyful worship and good teaching.

 Anna says: All who come are welcomed into our family, with God as our loving Heavenly Father. Our Pastors and leaders are continually seeking the Lord for guidance, to lead us in a closer walk, in love with Him and each other.

Esther says: Bible-based, Spirit-led, lively and friendly church.

Lucille says: I have been to Riverway for over 25years. In that time I have seen it grow and mature into the very vibrant and loving 21st century church it is today. There is such sincere love and my needs have been met in friends, fellowship and finding true Christianity.

Riverway Christian Fellowship


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A very brief history

In Ireland, on 7th January 1915, a small group of young men had invited Welsh evangelist George Jeffreys to hold some meetings.

Subsequently the Elim Evangelistic Band was formed to spread the Christian gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit. With his older brother Stephen  they preached a “full gospel” message with significant results in Ireland and beyond. God abundantly blessed their ministry with many converts and a growing number of people were filled with the Holy Spirit and many were miraculously healed in the meetings. George Jeffreys chose the name Elim for the new movement following the practice in his home of Wales of giving churches biblical names.

If we were to speed through one hundred years we find that in 2015 Elim has hundreds of churches throughout the UK and  ministers in over 40 countries around the world.

If you want to know more check out this great book produced by ElimElim-!00-mini