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From the Pastor’s pen….

‘…..One of the things that excites my heart is the Sunday morning time of worship: it is to me a source of great blessing. We have a vision and a heart to worship not according to our western culture but out of God’s revelation about worship as He taught in the Bible how He likes to be worshiped. ….’ read more on our about page


Our assignment: To prepare the way of the Lord. His manifest Presence in the here and now and His coming in the future. Our priority: We are called to be a community of believers with a apostolic heart, whose priority is cultivating, enjoying and releasing the presence of God. The language is prayer, the rhythm is worship, the passion is intercession, the outflow mission. His presence must be the primary goal of every believer. His Glory is most released when His presence is most adored! In this hour God is teaching us how to live and practise His presence as it becomes our consuming passion. We come together centred on the presence of Jesus leading to revival and reformation in the nations. Presence will release power (Isaiah 66:1)  “where is the house you will build for me”